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About Community Service Help

We live in one of the most progressive parts of the United States and we need to support those ideals by providing an alternative positive means of completing court ordered community service. Denver Community Service and our charity partners facilitate volunteering through a cutting edge educational program designed to provide criminals offenders with skills and knowledge they can use to better their lives and the lives of those around them.
The only way to truly better our local communities and our children is through education. By educating at-risk individuals, Denver Community Service and our charity partners aim to lower the long term crime rates of our growing communities and help people gain the skills they need to be successful in our society.

It is common knowledge that the higher the education level of a community, the lower the crime rate. By educating members of our local communities we are effectively lowering the chance a member of that community or the people around them will when up in the court system.

Our program is specifically designed around the methodology that giving someone a helping hand and a rehabilitation path is far more successful then negative reinforcement and punishment. Our hope is that by offering alternative means of Denver court ordered community service we are bettering our local communities and the people in them far into the future.

We Will Save You Money

Did you know that with time off of work, babysitting costs, and a long commute, 90 hours of community service can cost you almost $1,700! Having to go through the system is bad enough, but having to lose all of that money in the process can be disheartening. Denver Community Service is here to help you get your hours done and save you a ton of money in the process.

One of our recent clients, Brian, needed to get those 90 hours done fast to satisfy a court order. Brian couldn't afford to take the time off of work and with school how was he going to fit his community service into his schedule and still provide a better life for his family? Brian came to us and we placed him with a charity that sponsored his online volunteer work. He got his hours done quickly, turned in his paperwork and was able to get back to his normal life.

Thank you for being our client and sharing your story Brian, we were happy to help!

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